Evolution of Indian Sari, Sarees

Designer Wedding Lehenga Style SareeA sari is amidst the earliest enduring fashion statement of the Indian culture. The evolution of saree is considered to be thousand years back with the evolution of the Indian race.  Besides of several cultural invasions, globalization of style and cultural philosophy has failed to weaken the esteem of this unique Indian trend. The word saree is basically adopted from the Sanskrit “sati” word that means a piece of cloth from “sati” it evolved Prakrit word “sadi” and finally evolved the word Saree in Hindi. Indian Saree is widely accepted as the traditional wear in several parts of Asian countries such as India Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan Burma and many others.

A saree is 5 to 6 meter long cloth that has prints and designs which is draped around the lower portion of a women’s body. A blouse is worn on the top and the section left after draping is known as Pallav. This pallav is used to cover the head, which is the most important element of Indian Tradition. The history of Saree related with the Indus valley civilization which flourished during 1800 BC, in the western part of India. Various ancient Tamil poems describe the women dressed up in saree. Ancient Sculptures from the Mathura, Gupta and Gandhara schools shows several goddesses and dancers dressed up in sarees. Till 20th century in many parts of south India, women preferred to wore only the saree and kept their upper part exposed. But with the passage of time their have been huge change in the manufacturing and wearing of the sarees.

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