Tips to Wear Indian Saree from Indian Fashion Trend

Dark Green Maroon Wedding Party Wear SareeLong history, exceptional geography and combination of diverse community and religion have generated the strong base of the Indian and hence, India is known for its precious and unusual traditions and culture accompanied by the unique lifestyle of the people. But, when it comes to the Indian culture and traditions, the component that can best remind you of the Indian culture is the Indian Traditional Clothes that are having million years of history along with them.

Indian Sarees is the traditional Indian wear for women and girls since the ancient time and are still on the go with various different pattern styles and fabrics. Saree is a strip of unstitched cloth that ranges in various pattern and size from four to nine meter in length that is draped over the body in different styles. Even though with the occurrence of the western culture and clothes, a loving corner in the people’s heart for the Saree has still maintained the same love and respect. Sarees are brought to a superior level by the various designers by expanding the wings of Indian Fashion Saris and including various different patterns such as Bridal Sarees, Fashion Sarees, Bollywood Sarees, Wedding Sarees, Designer Saree and many other varieties. Every new day a new look is been provided to the Indian traditional wear “SAREE” by the talented designers.

How to Wear Indian Saree?

Step 1: Around your body

Firstly at the navel, put the plain end of the saree into the petticoat and go on with putting, till you take a complete circle from right to left. Adjust the lower end of the saree according to your height and requirement. It is suggested to wear your foot wear so that you drape the saree to the right length.

Step 2: Measuring the Pallu

Hold the top edge of the saree where the pallu is and bring it around your hips to the front and over your left shoulder, thus measuring the length of the pallav or pallu. The pallav should hang down the back to the knee. You may pin your pallav to your sari blouse provisionally.

Step 3: Making pleats

Create pleats with the saree. Make about 7 to 10 pleats and hold them up together so that they fall straight and even. Tuck the pleats into the waist petticoat slightly to the left of the navel, taking care to see that the pleats are turned towards the left.

Step 4: The Pallu.

The remaining portion of the saree must be turned once around the body and then draped over the left shoulder. Arrange the pleats on this part of the saree and then pin them up on the left shoulder to prevent the pallu from falling off.

This is the most common method to wear a saree. So, try this sari wearing method today with your saree and if you don’t have sari and love to purchase it then buy your own latest Indian traditional saree from Indian Fashion Trend.

We have a wide range of latest and traditional Indian saris for different occasions. You can place your order by filling the contact us form to buy fashionable Saree as per your choice.

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